We Will Not Go Down…well, maybe

Michael Heart writes on his website that he has “no propensity for nonsense.” That’s kind of hard to believe given his latest song. “WE WILL NOT GO DOWN (Song for Gaza)”.

The song itself is quite musical, and were it not for the absurd lyrics, I’d say this guy might have a hit. As it was, listening to it playing on Radio Jordan, I thought of the editing classes I run. I take what people write for the class and show that sometimes when you write, it can be…well…not quite logical. Please note that the song below is copyrighted to Michael Heart and I mean no infrigement on his copyright. He has offered his song as a free download. I make no claims on his words (trust me, I don’t want them). The comments that follow, however, are mine.

The song starts with:

A blinding flash of white light
Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight
People running for cover
Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive

Ok, I have to ask. How could a person not know if they are dead or alive? I mean – either you are dead…or you aren’t.

9:41 A Qassam rocket fired from northern Gaza landed in Eshkol Regional Council limits

They came with their tanks and their planes
With ravaging fiery flames
And nothing remains
Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze

Ok, I have a feeling this guy has been so busy applying for his “poetic license” that it could be he’s been too busy to actually watch the pictures. See, what they show is a building of rubble…surrounded by other buildings. The other buildings remain (though yeah, the people who chose to live next to the Hamas training centers and arms caches are probably going to have to pay for new windows). Well, besides the windows, they’ll probably need to do a good cleaning.

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight

So many comments here. Would you prefer to go down during the day? I guess that could be arranged. As for burning of your mosques and homes and schools – it’s really very simple. See, if you don’t put rockets in your mosques and homes and schools; if you don’t shoot these weapons at our cities, chances are, they’d all be fine and then, imagine this, you could actually USE these buildings for the purposes they were intended. The purpose that most normal societies apply to these types of buildings.

10:05 Two Qassam rockets fired from northern Gaza landed in Eshkol Regional Council limits

As for your spirit, I do hope it will never die – I just wish you’d consider turning it towards life, towards what is really important. Start raising your children to live and not to die, to want peace and not crave death. It’s really simple. If you don’t want Gaza to go down tonight, don’t elect terrorists as your leaders; don’t spend millions of dollars on rockets and mortars. Do what Israel does – build hospitals and train doctors. Maybe then, you could treat your own people instead of relying on Israeli hospitals to save your children from all kinds of diseases that are treatable. Just a thought, but please continue.

Women and children alike
Murdered and massacred night after night
While the so-called leaders of countries afar
Debated on who’s wrong or right

11:23 Two rockets fired from northern Gaza landed in Eshkol Regional Council limits

The so-called leaders of countries afar are not debating who is right or wrong. They understand that you don’t shoot rockets into cities without expecting the country you are bombing to react. You’ve done this for 8 years – your free ticket is long since gone. As for the women and children, just move them away from the terrorists. It’s really simple. We are using precise weapons. To make our jobs easier, let’s set up a 100 meter safety zone. You see, the UN school that was hit – was 30 meters away from the target. Three Israeli missiles were sent towards the site from which rockets were being launched. One missile was 30 meters off – so, if you give yourself a 100 meter safety zone, we’ll all be fine. The terrorists will die; the women and children will be safe.

13:33 A Qassam rocket fired from northern Gaza landed in Ofakim.

I’ll skip the next verse because it doesn’t say much…not that the others do…but onwards.

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight

14:03 Two rockets fired from Gaza exploded in Kiryat Gat. A resident was lightly injured in the attack.

Ah yes, Gaza will not go down tonight…well, we all agree it might take a few more days, so let’s not quibble. I suggest, if you don’t want Gaza to go down, you stop singing and start changing your government. Tell them that your people now understand that they have to accept that we in Israel will not go down; that we will continue to live in this land and fight for our place here. We will try to avoid hitting your women and children, as we always have – and hope that you can convince your leaders that they should stop targeting our children and our women.

14:27 A rocket fired from northern Gaza landed in an industrial compound in Ashdod.

Explain to them that no one wins in war – not you, and not Israel. Gaza WILL go down, unless you stop firing rockets NOW!

14:55 Sirens are sounding in Ashkelon and Ashdod.

Please pray for little 7-seven-year-old Orel ben (son of) Angela.
He was injured by a Grad rocket, exploding in Be’er Sheva on Thursday. He is in very critical condition, and his life is in danger after fragments from a rocket penetrated his head. The child underwent surgery at the Soroka Medical Center. However, his condition remains very critical. He is an only child, after his parents were childless for eleven years.

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