To Return the Calm

A few moments of broadcast from Ashkelon a few minutes ago – it starts with a report of a direct hit on a building. One person moderately wounded; another 4 treated for shock. In the midst of the report, there is a siren – another attack. They leave the camera and run for cover and so you watch and listen as the reporter talks from the bomb shelter while the camera shows the street.

Mere seconds later, it is over. Then they switch to the mayor of Beersheva. He is angry. He stands before a bus being filled with children who are being taken to Eilat, over an hour away, for a bit of a break – a day or more away from the missile attacks.

They switch locations to Ashdod to hear from the reporters that this morning, at least, it has been quiet. He shows where a rocket hit a store yesterday, smashing through the windows. On Friday, the store owner had the store closed – today, with a smashed window, he has opened his store and put out his wares for sale. As the reporter continues to speak, a man passes by and calls out, “Am Yisrael Chai” – “The people of Israel live.” It is our battle cry – our promise.

And the mayor’s words were interesting. He does not scream of violence and ideology. He says all they want is a return to calm. They want Gaza to stop firing rockets – but a permanent stop. Not for a day or two. Just stop.

Finally, the camera returns to Ashkelon to show the results of the attack we witnessed. A missile hits the edge of a street – damaging the garage, destroying the small car that was in it, sending hundreds of pieces of shrapnel at the house beyond the car. No one was hurt – and that’s what we care about.

We want peace – we want quiet. And finally to a different politician – all we want is for Gaza to stop firing rockets our our civilians. There is room to talk, room to discuss – there is no room for violence.

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  1. “Am Yisrael Chai”, our battle cry.

    This made me think of the numerous videos I’ve seen posted by IDF soldiers. What are they doing in these videos? They’re dancing while they sing “Am Yisrael Chai”. Our SOLDIERS — those who train to kill — are singing about living. About survival. We are here, and we’re not going anywhere.

    And then, consider the videos you see of arab citizens. Not even soldiers, just “common” (?) citizens. What are they singing and chanting and dancing to? “Death to the Jews. Death to America.”

    What a juxtaposition!

    Am Yisrael Chai!

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