The UN Stikes (out) Again

Israelis have long accepted the double standards of the United Nations. It becomes so embarrassingly clear, year after year, resolution after resolution, that the United Nations is a biased and manipulated entity.

More than sixty rockets, mortars and missiles have been fired at Israel in the last week. Why? What triggered this sudden violence? The Palestinians objected to Israel destroying a tunnel that they planned on using to attack Israel, perhaps kidnap another of our soldiers. What nerve we have, says the Palestinians. We have violated the “relative calm” by protecting our territory from an imminent attack.

How does the UN respond? Do they request the Palestinians stop firing these rockets…do they condemn the tunnel and its violent intent…

No – that would be UNlikely, that would be UNbiased, that would be UNnatural. No, here’s the UN’s latest response:

According to YNET:

The UN’s top human rights official has called on Israel to end its blockade of the Gaza Strip. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says the blockade of the Palestinian territory breaches humanitarian law.

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