The Truest of Quotes

Every once in a while, I find myself explaining, yet again, why I have a right to live in this land (have you ever had to defend your right to live in your own country?) and why my children have a right to live here…and every once in a while, some “humanitarian” points out that Israel is a nation full of people who came to live here (in addition to the tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, who were born here).

And every once in a while, someone comes along and dares to compare Hamas rockets with IDF artillery; Hamas firing into our cities, to our firing at their rocket launchers. In the midst of yet another discussion with yet another person who wants to blame Israel for all manner of evil in Gaza – regardless of the facts, I came across this quote. I’ve said it to this Swedish woman several times in so many words…and she just won’t listen. Perhaps hearing it from a British Member of Parliament will help? I doubt it, but I like the simplicity of it anyway.

“it is still true, in principle, that when Israeli rockets kill civilians, they have missed their targets, and that when Hizbollah rockets kill civilians, they have scored a deliberate hit. That is a moral difference that needs to be dinned into the skull of every saloon-bar strategist currently denouncing Israel.”

– British Member of Parliament Boris Johnson,, August 3, 2006.

(Picture source unknown…please write to me if you know who created this cartoon)

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  1. Boris Johnson is an amazing person. He is no longer a Member of Parliament; he is the Mayor of London.

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