The Justice is in the Meat

Elie’s been up in the Golan Heights for a few short weeks now getting ready for the next round of training. He’s up there with his whole battalion – several hundred soldiers. There’s not a lot to do, a lot of waiting around, inspecting things and getting ready. Painting, checking, cleaning.

Then, they all come to lunch at the same time – hundreds of soldiers crowding around. It’s chaotic, it’s busy, it’s a hassle. So Elie and his commanding officer decided to shirt their group to a later time slot. This relieves some of the pressure in the dining room for the kitchen staff…and makes the unit’s lunch more pleasant.

The first day, they got there to find that they were served a mediocre lunch. A bit surprised, Elie’s commanding officer had Elie go early the next day – to observe what the others were eating. Sure enough, the earlier group got an amazing lunch of chicken and meat. By the time Elie’s group arrived, the cooking staff was tired and less interested in making a grand show. They made them frankfurters and shnitzels (breaded chicken breasts; often commercially produced and just warmed up).

No way, Elie told the kitchen staff. We’ll gladly eat frankfurters when everyone else does, but if they don’t, we don’t. Justice was quick in coming and the kitchen staff readily agreed that Elie was right; the other unit shouldn’t suffer because they were coming to a later lunch. The next day, they arrived to find not merely the regular food, but a quantity that was incredible. Elie came home on Thursday and decided to skip dinner. He was still full from having eaten approximately 10 helpings of meat and food.

There is justice in the army; if you have the courage to demand it and the patience to wait for it to cook!

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  1. A very Israeli way of army business. Very sweet.

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