Taking 2nd Place…

Taking second place isn’t always a bad thing – sometimes, it can be amazing.

According to a recent article in YNET, Israel’s very own Boris Gelfand has taken second place in the chess world championship. Israel has traditionally placed high in many chess tournaments and this was no exception. Reports YNET:

Israeli chess player Boris Gelfand tied former chess world champion
Vladimir Kramnik of Russia for second place Sunday with a masterful display of
cunning in the world chess championship in Mexico. Indian national Vishwanathan
Anand emerged the victor of the grueling competition.

The Israeli chess master was ranked seventh in the world at the beginning of the competition which made his accomplishment at the competition all the more remarkable.

Boris Gelfand was born in the city of Minsk in Belarus. He taught himself how to play chess at the young age of five. He and his family made aliyah nine years ago.

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