Spoils of War

Guilty as charged. I have received the spoils of war…and wear them proudly.

Elie gave me a scarf – one of many he received from the people of Israel, private individuals and corporations who wanted to donate to the soldiers to keep them warm.

Elie gave me a pair of gloves – one of many he received as a sign of love and caring.

He has 5 other pairs of gloves, several scarves, head warmers, socks and more.

Elie brought me a note in Arabic (a copy appears on the Muqata blog) warning the people that the Israeli army was about to enter and telling them to distance themselves from terrorists known to be in that area. It was dropped by helicopters to warn residents – and the winds carried some back to Israel, to my son.

Elie brought me a note from Bank HaPoalim thanking the soldiers. It came with gifts, one of which I now have. Elie’s backpack was filled with such gifts – all that a grateful and worried nation could do when it sent its sons to war.

I’ve received the spoils of war…and take it as a sign of love to a mother of a soldier as well. I’ll wear them with pride and gratitude. Pride in my son, my army, my country and gratitude to God for bringing my sons, almost all my sons, home safely.

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  1. I am so glad he is home! Yippeee!

    We picked up our son yesterday in Missouri, and after a few delays the Army throws at your in signing out everywhere, were on the road by 2pm for the nine hour drive home.

    Army stuff everywhere—in the laundry, on the beds, boxes in the garage and on the floor, as our son prepares for the next move to the Fort in Oklahoma, three hours away. Hoorah!

  2. And I thank God too, that your Elie is home.

  3. Many of us who do not have sons or daughters in the IDF sent gifts. It was our way to showing our support.

    I’m glad our gifts made it to the men at the front and that your son returned to you safe and unharmed.

  4. Any chance that there was a bright pink pair of gloves there? When the call came, our whole kibbutz filled up a trolley with warm fleeces, gloves and hats. Hope they did their job and kept him warm. My kids said that pink wasn’t the right colour for brave soldiers, but I said anything that keeps them warm would be accepted.
    Mazel Tov

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