September 11…and the Bikers

I can’t let the day pass without some reminder, some tribute and yet what words have we not said; what videos have we not seen? What tears have we not shed; what songs and tributes have we not shared? Perhaps we have said it all, shared it all, cried rivers of tears only to realize that the image of that second plane will forever be in our minds. It was that instant that separates the moments before, when some people clung to the absurd idea that someone could accidentally have hit the first tower…with the shocking reality that this time disaster was not averted, the terrorists were not caught in time. Whatever innocence there was before fell away, in that split second. I tried looking for a video that I had never seen…something to post. What I saw brought me to tears…again…still. And then I started hearing about the bikers. New tears – this time of gratitude for their finding a new way.

2 Comments on September 11…and the Bikers

  1. That was incredible! They just kept coming…

  2. That was but a small portion of those who attended.

    Very nice to see, but their ride was more of a counter protest here against a group of Muslim protesters who has planned, then cancelled a protest over what they viewed as unfair blame of the actions of 9/11.

    Whats really sad is, the Muslims were granted the right to protest on 9/11 by those in power, but the bikers were refused their permit to counter protest. SO they rode any way and still protested.

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