I went into my bomb shelter – where I keep my pots and pans and mixing bowls. I’m making vanilla cake muffins with pineapple. I looked at the stack. The white or the yellow bowl? Definitely the yellow. I took the white one to the table and began mixing the cake.

All done. I made 24 little muffins, each with a bit of pineapple in it, and put them into the oven. When they are finished, I’ll continue making more. Maybe I’ll make brownies. Good idea. Well, the white bowl still has batter in it, so I got the yellow one. This time, I got it right.

I went to add eggs to the mix. There’s already an egg in the cup. That means that instead of adding 6 eggs to the white cake, I added only 5 and left one egg in the cup.

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry about it. No, crying would be dumb. I have so much more I could cry about. This morning as I attempted to bake cakes in the wrong bowls and with too few eggs:

  • two rockets landed near Sderot
  • seven rockets landed in Ashkelon, wounding at least one woman
  • a rocket hit near the city of Netivot and people are being treated for shock
  • two other rockets landed near Sha’ar HaNegev – one hitting near a large school

And it is only 10:20 in the morning…and I don’t know if those rockets are flying over Elie’s head.

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  1. Keep baking. Each motion of your hand, which has worked so many times for love of the Shabbat and for love of your family, is weaving a spiritual safety net around our sons. This is what we mothers do — this and tears and prayer — and Hashem counts every step of every action. Even the forgotten egg will add to your holy efforts.

  2. Know that you and your son are in our tefillot. Try to have a relaxing Shabbat.

    I’m sure the cupcakes will be fine and everyone will still gooble them up.

    Shabbat shalom.

  3. I am recommending your blog to all I know. We ate lunch with two of my husbands sisters yesterday, and one asked if I’d send her links. Reading the MSM just makes me angry. I’d rather get news from those living it.

    About recipes—one time my sister sent me a recipe for cookies made with a cake mix, and her writing looked like it called for six eggs. I thought that seemed like a lot of eggs for cookies, but figured that was the liquid for the cookies instead of water or milk for the cake mix. They turned out fine, but my sister refused to believe she had written six.

  4. Good luck to you and yours, from the UK.

  5. I live in New York and I want you to know that I will be davening for your Elie and his friends every day.
    I hope that Hashem gives you the strength to get through this difficult time.

  6. How profound your comments are. Since the time my son became an American Soldier, all of life’s inconveniences and irritations are measured against this standard:

    Is anyone shooting a gun at me? No? Well then, everything is fine.

    Is it too hot? Am I dressed from head to toe in more than 70 pounds of “battle rattle” in 120 degree desert sun? No? Well then, everything is fine.

    Is it too cold? Am I sleeping in a tiny, cramped room more than 7000miles away from my wife and my small children? No? Well then, everything is fine.

    As far as I am concerned, you and your fellow Israelis have everything to be worried about and to complain about. Yet here you find enough perspective to help us understand what, really, is worth crying over.

    May God bless you and keep you.

  7. Not only are you and Elie and your family in our thoughts and prayers, but I feel that everyday, the Jewish people in the diaspora are starting to feel the need to educate themselves in order to defend Israel and her actions. Please know that you are all being thought of!

  8. from Joyce in Texas—it is 5pm and the radio is reporting that Israel is going in tonight with ground troops. Yikes. no secrets. no surprise. It is insane to fight a war on TV and in the press and Israel is sending in aid. I hate it when our troops have to think twice before shooting—afraid of lawsuits. I wish Israel would push the folks of Gaza into Egypt. I pray that God give back to Israel all the land He promised.

  9. I too get angry listening to the bias news over here.
    So when I heard about the groundtroops going in to Gaza ,my thought went to you and Elie .
    May God be with all of you .

    Reading about your baking and being absent minded ,brought back the memory of the day I heard about my sons battalion being ambushed in Ramadi. I could’nt think or concentrate, My heart shivered and when I had to fill my car up with gasoline ,I promptly drove off without paying.
    15 miles down the road I realized my error and returned tearfully to pay my bill.
    After that I kept myself busy baking cookies for my Marines and praying for theire safe return.

    You and Elie are in my prayers.

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