Rockets and More Aid…

On a day when at least four rockets were fired against Israel, our country continued to supply food and medical supplies to the Palestinians in Gaza.

According to today’s report: more than 2,500 tons of food, medical supplies and other materials were transferred from Israel to Gaza on Sunday.

At the same time, some 8,433 vaccinations were transferred through the Erez Crossing, while
191 tons of fruit, 71 tons of milk, 33 tons of meat, 4 tons of chicken eggs for breeding, five tons of medical supplies for babies and 10 tons of disposable diapers were transferred through the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

At the Sufa Crossing, 676 tons of sugar passed through, as well as 159 tons of salt, 20 tons of coffee, 20 tons of cocoa, 36 tons of rice, 14 tons of milk powder, 36 tons of tea, 25 tons of silicon, 116 tons of oil, 375 tons livestock feed, 79 tons of bananas, 637 tons of straw and 21 tons of hypochlorite.

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