Remembering and Answering – Israeli Style

Two weeks ago, Achikam and David were murdered while hiking with a friend near Nahal Telem. Achikam and David, despite being wounded during the initial attack, were able to return fire and kill two of their attackers, thus saving their friend’s life. This brave act also enabled Israeli security forces to identify who the attackers were – once again members of the Palestinian “Security” Forces, Palestinian policemen that are supposed to be on the side of the Palestinian Authority, which is supposed to be on the side of trying to make peace with Israel.

This week, in memory of that terrible incident, young Israelis, friends and family members of the two young men, gave back a most Israeli response – they hiked to the place where the young men were murdered.

As reported by Israel National News:

Soldiers Hike to Telem in Memory of Amichai and Rubin

( About 100 soldiers from elite IDF units hiked to Nahal Telem near Hevron Friday morning, in memory of their friends, Cpl. Achikam Amichai and
Staff Sgt. David Rubin, who were killed there two weeks ago. They were joined by
family members.

Amichai and Rubin served in the elite Shaldag unit and the Naval Commando, respectively. The IDF provided security for the memorial hike.

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