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Isn’t this funny? But I’ll go along. Elie loves:

Tuna Fritters

This is a recipe that I got from my mother and that I made for my future husband the very first day I met him. Elie and all my children love them. They’re great hot, great cold, great the next day. When I drove north to pick Elie up, I made them and brought them to him for the ride home. When another soldier was going up north, I sent brownies and about five of these. It’s one of those “go by taste” recipes that people hate because there are no measurements, but I’ll do the best I can. It is completely scalable…You can make it with two cans of tuna; for years I made it with four cans; and now I make it with eight. I don’t remember the size of the can – but it’s the small kind – the one that can make 2-3 sandwiches. Not helping much, am I?

4 cans of tuna
1 can corn
Crushed corn flakes (about 2 cups of it, but could be even more)
7 eggs (again, could be more – the idea is to mix this all and be able to form patties that hold together).

Mix it all together and fry it. And warning – sometimes the corn pieces fall out of the patty and may “pop” – so my kids know that I don’t let them near the area and more than once I’ve gotten splattered with hot oil…so be careful. If you have a safety net – I used to use that and they are great. Fry each side until it’s a nice brown. You can add spices (salt, garlic, whatever – but more often than not, I forget and it’s still great).

Stuffed Cabbage

You think that recipe was bad? This one is worse! To get the cabbage leaves flexible, you have two options – one I’ve never tried, but people tell me it works – but the cabbage in the freezer. The second option is what I do – I boil the cabbage for a few minutes – and rotate it so that the water touches all areas. You’ll see it turn a darker color and may well fall off or separate. Either way, it will be ready to be stuffed.

Ingredients for filling:
Ground beef (I used 1 kilo last week)
1 cup of cooked rice (I cook it about half way and then drain off excess water). Rice in America often didn’t need to be cooked in advance. The common Israeli “Persian” rice seems to need this more.
1/4 cup of sugar (I hope this is the right amount)
1 tablespoon of tomato paste
1 tablespoon of water

Mix all the ingredients. Take one piece of cabbage – if it is large, you can cut it in half to make smaller ones. Roll/stuff and drop in the sauce below and cook about 1.5-2 hours on mid to low fire.

Ingredients for sauce:
3 containers of tomato paste
3-4 cups of water
Have any ketchup bottles running near empty – add 1/2 cup water (OK, so I don’t really measure it) and dump that in too
garlic to taste
onion powder
3 tablespoons of sugar

Add all the above – put the stuffed cabbage in. The level of the liquid should ideally cover the top of the cabbage. If you have extra pieces of cabbage, you can add that to the sauce – it tastes good and helps thicken it a bit.

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  1. I don’t know how my wife makes the stuffing, but she does put the cabbage leaves in the freezer.

  2. do you brown the ground beef before stuffing?? Thanks, Joyce

  3. Nope, just add the rice, sugar, tomato paste and water and mix. That’s why you should cook it a good 1.5 hours on the stove.


  4. Stuffed cabbage is somthing I have NEVER liked – – my parents have always given me heck about how can I be Polish and not like galumpkis.

    The tuna fritters look good – – I may have to try this out sometime.

  5. OK. Did we have the same mother? You just posted my recipe for Stuffed Cabbage.

    It is a good dish for a hot summer’s day.

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