Other Readers Join in Reporting on Jerusalem Post Subscriber Abuses

The names have been hidden, but following are emails and comments we are receiving regarding other such customer abuses:

They are truly awful at the J. Post. I had a similar incident where they tried to force me to continue daily delivery – “we can’t cancel your subscription, it’s a special price..” nonsense. Calling, of course, only gets you put on hold for 15 minutes and the person you want is never available. It was only after I sent a fax that someone called, and sort of apologized. I would tell them in writing that you intend to contact the Israeli Consumers or one of the TV shows. It might help. BTW, I’m told that they treat their employees badly as well.  — writes M

This is nothing new.  — writes R

The International Herald Tribune did the same thing to me and when I discovered it I called them that practically called me a liar so I told them that I thought they were thieves. It seems to me this is common practice in Israel as far as the English speaking papers. —  writes L

Twitter Comments:

The Jerusalem Post is notorious & horrible. I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories.

Take ’em to small claims court!

If you had a similar experience with the Jerusalem Post, please post a comment here.


  1. I’m sorry to hear this. Do you still recommend reading the JP, I like to read online, or do you have another source of information you would recommend to an American who is interested in hearing news directly from the area. Not too happy about American media sources.

  2. I don’t think there is anything wrong with reading online. My main concern would be giving them any kind of financial commitment or information. If you do this, I’d be afraid they would abuse the information and even if you tried to cancel, they’d continue taking money with the ready excuse that if you want it back…you can sue them.

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