Oh, they make this too easy – more fake pictures

Oh, this is too easy.

Dear Gaza – here’s a clue – Google lets us trace images. When you post an image from a year ago – you’re going to get caught. Sheesh…

No, this wasn’t from last night – it was from the last time Gaza launched hundreds of rockets at Israel. It was from the last time my son was called up; the last time Israel mobilized to show that it would not allow these rocket attacks.

At least, if you are going to claim we shot at you, be original..

So @iFalasteen posted this claim  – a picture of an “explosion took place in Gaza few hours ago” – um…well, if November, 2012 was a few hours ago, maybe he’s right. By my calculation, nine months ago and the Middle East in the midst of Gaza bombarding Israel with hundreds of rockets, wasn’t a few hours ago.

So, not trusting that @iFalasteen was any more honest than @Resistance48, I did a bit of checking.

It’s really very easy – maybe I should show the Arabs how?

Well anyway, yup – another fake picture.

Here’s the fake one with the claim that this just took place:

And here’s the proof that the picture, the same picture, was taken (at least) from November 2012 – for all I know, it isn’t even Gaza.


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  1. Oh my. That’s just down right wrong. What are they thinking??

  2. What are they thinking? That what worked so many times will work this time, too. I.e., telling lies that go unchecked. Bravo, Paula.

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