Obama Miscalculations Cost Time, Money, Lives

I think if there is a word that can describe Obama’s visit, almost 24 hours after it has started, it would be miscalculation. Obama miscalculated how much his slighting Ariel University would bother Israelis – even…even the left-leaning Labor Party Knesset members have condemned Obama’s saying he will not welcome Israeli students from one university simply because of where it is located. Conveniently, he ignores the fact that thousands of Arab students attend Ariel University.

He miscalculated when it was announced that Obama would not speak AT our Knesset – an honor to have been given the invitation; a slap in the face to reject it.

They miscalculated when they put diesel fuel in the engine of one of those fancy Cadillac armored vehicles yesterday, forcing the car to be towed up to Jerusalem.

As for lives – gratefully, I can say so far that I have exaggerated. As of now, as far as I know, no one has died as a result of the Obama visit. Of course, he has not yet publicly announced what he wants Israel to do, give up, etc. The ramifications of his visit will indeed live on long after he leaves. Just cleaning up the mess from the rockets that were fired at us this morning will take weeks – but thankfully, with the grace of God alone, no one was hurt, though a home was damaged.

So in that too, Obama miscalculated, again, in thinking that his visit would herald the start of a new peace process. This morning, five rockets were fired at Israeli cities – thanks Obama, and welcome to Israel…and when are you leaving?

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