Note to Pilots…Please Identify Yourself

For those pilots who are not familiar with the Middle East…Israel is the small jewel resting at the crossroads between Africa and Europe and Asia. It’s the beautiful yet modern State…that is involved in a really bad situation with…well, most of our neighbors. So, should you happen to fly near Israel, could you do us all a favor and identify yourself?

It’s just one of those friendly things to do and, in the end, will not only save thousands of dollars in fuel costs – but may well save lives…um…yours. So really, a small, “Hello, I’m a friendly Bulgarian pilot on my way to Eilat” works wonders. Try it some time, ok?

From YNET:

Air Force jets were scrambled to intercept an unidentified executive jet en route from Bulgaria to Eilat. The pilot eventually did identify himself and the jets are currently escorting the plane to the Eilat airport.

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