No Apology for Turkey

It seems like a day for posting – I’ve missed writing but the summer has been hard. My great idea of a vacation was a bit curtailed by the idea of our Summer Intensive course teaching technical writing. But I figured that the three days per week was fine and would still leave me a day or two for fun with the kids. I have a regular contract with a client in the north for once a week…with some stretches where I go there less.

Then the client came and said over the summer – they needed me twice a week and there went most of my summer. In between, with kids and house and other jobs and managing the technical writing company and other writers, well, blogging has been taking a back seat.

Today – well, I’m having a bit of a break. So – to today’s latest post.

NO! No, we will not apologize to Turkey. That word comes from our Prime Minister and I’m proud of his answer and can only hope the Netanyahu government has the courage and the guts to stick to this decision. Our Defense Minister has already said Israel should apologize – no, not because we did anything wrong but because that is Ehud Barak, chief politician and cowardly hypocrite. How he ever got to be a general in our army is beyond my imagining.

So, NO – we will not apologize for the blockade. We have a legal right to impose a naval blockade on Gaza so long as the local population is not harmed and as both the Red Cross and the UN have confirmed, the local population is not lacking. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Sure, we are blocking exports – and that may be a financial hardship on the local population, but isn’t the US and world community doing the same thing against Iran? Didn’t they do that against Iraq? Why is it okay for them to do it to those countries but not okay for us to do the same to Gaza?

So, NO – we will not apologize for enforcing the blockade and in stopping those who try to run it.

So, NO – we will not apologize for boarding the flotilla ships. From there, it is clear what happened.

So, NO – we will not apologize for our soldiers fighting to save their lives and if, in the course of that fight, the attackers were defeated, even killed – no, we won’t apologize for that. There is a simple solution for one who does not want to die at the hands of an Israeli soldier – don’t fight him; don’t attack him; don’t raise a weapon to strike him.

And if you do, don’t be surprised when the soldier uses his training and fights back. Don’t be surprised when you lose – even your life. No, we will not apologize, Turkey, for doing what every other nation would do.

Just no.

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  1. Self-respect isn’t easy to come by. Its been hard for Jews, who still have the mentality of a slave despite thousands of years of freedom.

    There is no need to be submissive or excessively deferential when you are in the right. No one respects a pushover.

    One has to say “no” in life for one’s own good. There is no reason on earth for Israel to recant its innocence.

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