New Program to Supply Israel’s “Life Angels”

Understand that Israel’s enemies are surrounding her with missiles and rockets?

I thought this post particularly timely, considering that just today, the IDF confirmed that all of Israel’s major cities, including Jerusalem, are now within rocket range of Hezbollah’s weaponry.

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Understand that terrorists are targeting population centers?

Understand that the next “war” will likely include mass civilian casualties and trauma?

Want to do something about it?

The Israel Emergency Aid Fund is providing prayer, financial support, medical equipment and supplies to first-responders in Israel’s north and south in support of programs such as “Israel Life Angels,” “Operation Lifeshield” and others who are doing G-d’s work by building the necessary infrastructure.

Israel Life Angels, the Emergency First-Responder Volunteer Program and The Israel Emergency Aid Fund are looking for friends with a heart for Israel all over the world.

This website will give you an oversight of the goals and highly qualified personnel involved:

The Israel Emergency Aid Fund representative plans to be in the United States during early December to meet with Christian friends with a heart for Israel and begin the process of recruiting volunteers to come and assist Israel’s civil society during times of crisis.

We would like to have Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremonies in as many communities as might be arranged during a short trip, and to spread the word and ask special communities to join us in doing the Lord’s work:

We are looking for communities with a heart for Israel who are willing to create a full-fledged relationship with us:

Physical: Volunteers (firefighters, clowns, musicians, welders, general task)
Spiritual: Prayer for specific first-responders and their families
Educational: Updates from the field about Israel, the ME and the first-responder’s lives
Commercial: Purchase of particular Made in Israel products in a one-off design
Financial: Offerings for first responder equipment and active duty fire-fighters

If possible, we would like your help, involvement and advise in the development of this important new program in your community.

With the abundant blessings of Jerusalem,

Adi Zahavi
Israel Life Angels
Israel Emergency Aid Fund

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