Needed: Some Thick Tape for Tzipi’s Mouth

Today marks a very sad day in Israel. It is 900 days since Gilad Shalit’s feet touched Israeli soil, 900 days in which his parents have wondered, every minute, where he is, how he is. To mark this sad day, the woman who wants to be Israel’s next prime minister, said:

We all want Gilad to come back home, but part of the willingness to fight is the understanding that we don’t have any other choice. There is always a risk of minimum casualties, and it’s not always possible to bring everyone back home.

What a cruel thing to say to Gilad’s parents on such a sad day. What a sad thing that a leader of Israel should accept defeat so easily. Today, as we marked 900 days…the government intends to transfer 100 million shekels of money to the Palestinians…why? The government is granting a pardon to 45 Palestinians who are on Israel’s “wanted” list. Why?

The answer is because politicians like Tzipi Livni don’t feel it is morally repulsive for them to say something so painful – today, as we mark 900 days. Israel knows you can’t bring everyone home. But we released hundreds to bring dead bodies; hundreds for a drug dealer. What has this government done for Gilad Shalit other than moan and whine that they can’t do anything? Even if deep in our hearts we fear that we will not succeed in bringing Gilad Shalit home alive, today of all days, Livni should not have spoken this way.

Gilad Shalit can be brought home – easily and quickly – by a strong government who will not bend to international pressure, most of which is based on Hamas lies.

Gaza needs fuel and food – we need Gilad Shalit. Send us our son, and you have have your 1 million shekels, your fuel, or whatever. Until Hamas sets a date for Shalit’s return, Israel should have nothing to say, nothing to give, and no one to release.

The government wants to make a good faith gesture in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid alAdha. When was the last time that any Arab country made ANY gesture for one of our holidays?

A better question might well be – when will our own government make a gesture to its own people. Today, on the 900th day of captivity – declare it Gilad Day. Require EVERY school that gets government funding, including those in the Arab sector, spend a few minutes talking to the children about Gilad and have the older children write letters of support to Gilad’s family.

Invite the family to the Knesset and stand with them at a press conference, and declare – Israel will not rest until Gilad is home. It’s true, “it’s not always possible to bring everyone back home.” But Gilad is alive, not dead. Gilad is close, not far. Gilad can be brought home if only we have the leader to do it. Let’s do this before we get to Gilad’s 1000th day in captivity.

And could someone please, please put some tape over Tzipi Livni’s mouth before she says anything dumber?

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