Murder of 77,000 Iranians?

Between the Saudi arrest of a vulture, the Egyptian accusation against the sharks, one has to wonder what other insanity could possibly plague the Arab world? And now we know.

According to Israel National News, the Iranians are blaming Mordechai and Esther, the heroes of Purim for murdering 77,000 Iranians. Now, according to my book (it’s called a megillah and comes in a scroll, but I’ve got the book version), I don’t recall any 77,000 and I sure don’t remember seeing the word “Iran.”

And there’s that little issue of self-defense.

And there’s that little plot of destruction by Haman in which he promised to kill all the Jews.

But, if you can crown a vulture as a spy and say a shark attack is a Zionist plot, I guess you can blame people who have been dead and gone hundreds of years…for murder.

It fits, in some sick and demented way. My only question now is which Arab country will vote to condemn Israel for the “massacre” and how many votes it will pass by.

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