Looking for a Job…Update

I can’t give you a final update yet but I have to tell you all something amazing. Not about J…which will come, but about Israel. I posted this “looking for a job” announcement here and on several email lists in Israel. More than a dozen people came forward with ideas for J.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the response – wow, I thought…just wow. I have always known that Israel loves its soldiers and has a special place in its heart for lone soldiers who come here without family. We become their family and I am constantly surprised at how successful this relationship is – how much we truly believe that they are ours and how much they truly believe it too.

I have seen it with Chaim and Yaakov, heard them declare that my children are their brothers and sisters and I have heard my children declare the same. Shmulik wanted to honor Chaim at his wedding and make him a witness, one of two needed to sign the marriage certificate (ketubah). The rabbi asked “Who is this Chaim?” and Shmulik explained.

The rabbi rejected the request – I think the only rejection he gave for the wedding, “he’s too close to you,” answered the rabbi.

I put out the request to help J. somewhat in desperation. I live and work in the Jerusalem area – he is looking in Tel Aviv. I don’t have that many connections – how can I help this young man? The will was there, but was the ability? I forgot the most fundamental of principles on which this land was founded – if you will it, it is no dream.

I don’t know yet – I’ll keep you updated – if J. will get a job from something that resulted from these connections and these announcements but he explained to me that he was getting depressed without directions to find work and the sudden influx of so many possibilities helped him.

He has an interview next week and calls to make (if you think of something that he can do in the Tel Aviv area or by telecommuting, please write to me – leave a comment and I’ll delete it but copy the info for him first). I hope I’ll post an update soon on his having found a job (sorry J.’s Mom!) – but for now, I wanted to post this concept, this action, this love Israel has.

Each person, without knowing him, wanted to help a lone soldier. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this land, this people?

May the Sabbath come and grant all of us peace and safety and health!

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