Lebanon’s Greatest Shame

I don’t usually quote Shimon Peres…in fact, I don’t usually even listen to him. But this time, perhaps, there is wisdom in his words (though I still believe he should not have agreed to pardon Samir Kuntar…there can be no pardon there, not in this world and not in the next).

Shimon Peres on today’s “prisoner” exchange:

“Kuntar the murderer, who crushed the skull of four year old Einat with his gun butt and shot her father in cold blood, in Israel the nation is in tears.

“Israel is in the right, and justice is the true expression of man’s victory. We will bow our heads in memory of the heroes who died. We shall continue to stand upright, as a nation guided by morals.

“If we ask where the supreme moral victory lies and where human defeat lies; in the welcome for an indescribably vile murderer or the candles in memory of loved ones, the answer is clear. Lebanon shall be ashamed and it needs this shame in order to survive properly.”

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