Just when you think…

Israel is truly a country in the 21st century with the most modern medical advances being discovered, the greatest computer technological creations and so much more coming out of our hi-tech industry, we are reminded that we are still…well, a nation in the Middle East.

Today’s Israel National News had a short item warning drivers of a donkey on the road near the villages of Neve Tzuf and Nachliel. As everyone knows, this can be a serious thing if a car and a donkey collide…not good for either party!

But it’s just not something I remember happening in New Jersey…or, as they used to say, “You aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!” I wonder if they have donkeys roaming the roads in Kansas….

From Israel National News:

A donkey is roaming about on the road between Neve Tzuf and Nachliel, in
the Wadi Zarka area in southwestern Samaria. Drivers are asked to beware.

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