It’s ALL in the Target

It’s all in the target…

The Israeli Air Force struck the office of the Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh overnight. The office is used as a center for the planning, support and financing of terrorist activities against Israel . In addition, the office of the interior ministry, located in the same area, was also attacked. These offices of the Hamas government are located in Gaza City , and are considered a strategic target.

The IAF attacked 35 additional targets, including: tunnels in the Rafah border area, weapon storage facilities, Hamas outposts and an armed rocket launcher.

Navy forces also attacked a number of targets in the Gaza Strip including: Hamas outposts, training camps, guarding vessels used by Hamas naval forces and launching posts from which rockets are fired at Israel .

By comparison, the Hamas government targeted:

  • the city of Beersheva – hitting a school and a kindergarten
  • the city of Ashkelon – hitting a stadium, several homes and buildings
  • the city of Ofakim
  • fields outside Ashdod and Sderot and several kibbutzim

Note that not one of the above targets are military installations. Not one is a place where terrorist activities are conducted, where terror attacks are planned. It is all in the target, the intent.

So long as they INTEND to TARGET our cities, we will target their military infrastructure and their military leadership. We will cease…when they stop firing. We have tasted their ceasefire to the tune of 214 rockets. Now, now, they will feel our army. If the ground will shake from incoming rockets against our citizens, our army will continue to hunt the rocket launchers, the suppliers.

It is all in the target.

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  1. Kol HaKavod! With so much of the media and International community condemning Israel, I think you’ve done a phenomenal job of summing up the situation in terms that everyone should easily understand.

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