Israel’s Publicity Campaign on Twitter

The wonderful twitter account @IDFSpokesperson is a great resource. If you aren’t following them, you should.

Mostly, they tell the world things it should hear, even if they don’t want to listen.

Listen world – today we sent so many trucks of humanitarian aid into Gaza. If you hear the Palestinians claim they are starving and don’t have fuel – please remember this tweet or that one. How could they be starving when we are regularly sending in aid?

Listen world – today Hamas fired rockets and mortars into Israel. Tomorrow, when Hamas cries that we are the aggressors – please remember this tweet or that one. How could we be the aggressors when it is they who are regularly attacking us with rockets and mortars, knives, stones, explosives?

Again and again, calmly and with their facts up front, they explain what Israel is doing, what Hamas is doing. All you really have to do, actually, is listen.

And therein lies the problem. The world isn’t listening. Today, Israel was hit with a kassem rocket and two mortars. With the grace of God, they fell in open areas and caused no injuries. But a mother’s heart someone in Shderot or Askhelon or Netivot or in the Eshkol region hurt for a moment. She wondered where her children were on this Hanuka vacation from school. A father called his wife, a man called his elderly mother.

Everything is fine; everyone is fine. It’s another day in Israel, another rocket, another mortar.

Follow @IDFSpokesperson and listen next time they tell you what is happening here. That way, in a month or so, when we tally the hundreds of rockets and mortars that have been fired at Israel in the year 2010, you will nod your head and say, “I knew that; I heard how often they are firing at Israel.”

And when the number gets intolerable – as it did in November, 2008. When over 120 rockets were fired in a single month; sometimes a dozen or more in a single day, Israel will have to take action…again. You’ll hear the escalation, if you listen. You’ll hear Israel plead with the world of nations to stop Gaza. They won’t, of course, because they aren’t listening.

And so, there will be another Cast Lead, another soldier’s mother who will send her son to war. No, that’s not true, actually. I didn’t send my son to war. He was taken; he went. So there will be another soldier’s mother who will wonder why the world doesn’t understand, why it doesn’t listen. Why they call her son a murderer and all sorts of horrible names, when all he is doing by going to stop the rockets, is what the world could have done, if they’d only listened.


  1. I’ll tell you again: SOME of us are listening, paying attention, as always.

    BUT I think this twitter thing (which I do not is a GREAT IDEA. Maybe more will listen – and HEAR.

  2. Hey brat,

    I know you are listening. Join Twitter – it’s a great way to promote your ideas, share blog posts and other things with readers and most important – network and meet amazing people! If you join, follow me and I’ll follow you too!


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