Israelis helping Israelis

In times of stress and war, Israelis reach out to each other. This is the way it was last summer in the north, and this is the way it is again as Israel’s southern cities continue to take the brunt of hundreds of Kassem rockets fired from Gaza.

Here’s one news story showing how students are reaching out to the people in Sderot:
June 1, 2007

Over 1,000 students from the national religious-Zionist sector are planning to arrive in Sderot today along with their rabbis. Before sundown, the students plan to visit as many homes as possible in Sderot, where they will hand out flowers and sweets. Once the Sabbath begins, the students plan to dance and meet in the town’s synagogues.

The initiative for the “Sderot Shabbat” belongs to Rabbi Chanan Porath, Chairman of the Orot Chesed organization.

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