In the Oops Department

According to the latest news reports, an Israeli soldier accidentally fired a missile towards the Lebanese border during a training exercise. The missile landed within Israeli territory and apparently did no harm…

So – now we wait and hope that the Lebanese understand the Oops Concept. Let’s hope somewhere in Beirut, they are laughing about this and don’t take it as any kind of threat. As for the soldiers up north – let’s hope they have a quiet night. It’s cold in Israel, with the first hint that winter is finally around the corner. That’s typical in Israel – we go from winter to summer and summer to winter…almost always within the space of a few days. No long autumn to enjoy the changes, no leaves falling gently to the ground. Just one day – COLD…and then a few months later…HOT.

So – here’s hoping things stay cool on the border and somewhere, on both sides, the soldiers are all inside staying warm and thinking…gee, that could have been a lot worse! As for Elie, he’s down south starting the preparatory section of the Commanders Course. He’s hoping to opt out in favor of the Course Hovshim…and get back up north. In the meantime – let’s all hope that the quiet of the desert where Elie is now…extends all the way to the northern borders.

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