Imagine all the Beatles…

Sometimes it just takes a little longer for a dream to come true – and that may be the case with Paul McCartney coming to Israel. So, if you happen to be in Israel in September and happen to be a Beatles fan – now’s your chance…

According to CNN, who recently posted about the long-awaited concert:

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Some 43 years after a Beatles concert was — according to popular belief — banned by Israel, Paul McCartney has announced he’ll perform there in September.

Paul McCartney says he’s looking forward to playing a concert in Israel next month. The show, which will be held September 25 in Tel Aviv, had been rumored for onths. Promoters are saying it will be one of the biggest concerts ever held in Israel, and they hope it will encourage other top stars to come to Israel.

Israelis “will finally get the chance to experience a night of music and history they have been waiting decades for,” a news release on McCartney’s Web site announced Wednesday. Two plane loads of equipment will be arriving with around 100 McCartney production people. The concert will cost around $10 million to produce and the organizers said they are hoping to make a profit.

McCartney is billing the Tel Aviv show his “Friendship First” concert. “I’ve heard so many great things about Tel Aviv and Israel, but hearing is one thing and experiencing it for yourself is another,” McCartney said in the news release. “We are planning to have a great time and a great evening. We can’t wait to get out there and rock.”

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