I Could Have Died….

No, no – it isn’t what you’re thinking – not Elie at all. And everyone is totally fine.

Aliza came home from school today, full of stories about lunch and this girl and that. And then she said, “oh, I have to tell you something, but just remember, I could have died.”

My heart skipped a beat – I looked her over wondering what danger there was.

“What happened?” I asked her quickly. I can’t really tell you what thoughts went through my mind, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

She went climbing with some friends; slipped a bit, didn’t get hurt at all – except for the hole at the very tip of her new sneakers. So I am to be grateful that her new sneakers are ruined…because, after all….

What I am grateful for – is actually so much more. A week ago, I was sitting here wondering when Elie would be home, if the ceasefire would hold or if something stupid would make it all erupt again.

For one week, our children in Israel have played in the sun. They have gone to school and come home, as children all over the world do. For one week, we are forgetting the sounds of sirens and hoping, just hoping, it will continue. For one week now, they are hesitantly going outside and not looking for the nearest hiding space. Our children are resilient – and they are children.

So, it’s back to normal; to the child playing on her iPod and telling me she could have died (God forbid) and really, a hole in her sneaker is a small price to pay.

It is actually a very small price to pay for the normal that we have now. No, we don’t believe, any of us really, that no more rockets will come from Gaza; that peace has come. But it will be quiet for a while. Yes, Gaza is re-arming, smuggling what they can. Iran has made their support of Hamas known – there are devils in the woods that surround us; evil lurks without doubt.

But it’s really okay because we’re used to that normal and if I ever hear a child of mine say the words, “Ima, I could have died…” – let it be over something as silly as a hole in her sneaker…her new sneaker…the expensive one she wanted me to buy her because the cheaper ones just would not do.

Yes, thank You, God, for the hole in her sneaker and the whole of her heart, soul, and being. Thank You for seeing her safely off that little hill she climbed and thank You for the piece of metal that was sticking out to pierce her shoe and remind me that You have blessed me with the whole of what my children are.

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