How Small is Israel?

Our adopted son #2 told us about an adorable site filled by people posting some pretty funny stuff. Most are just cute…some cross the line. It’s a cute site. It has thousands of such posts…where people do something and it backfires or someone says something that they meant as a compliment, but was an incredible insult, if they would have just taken the time to actually think.

The site is (read it at your own risk).

The posts are sorted by many factors…one is by country. I clicked on Israel to see what sort of things were posted by my fellow countrymen (and women). I expected to see a drop-down list of countries, instead I was presented with a world map. I slid the cursor across the face of the world…Turkey…Jordan…Egypt.

I’d missed Israel…I tried again – Saudi Arabia…Egypt…Jordan. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t see Israel. I’ve been on sites before that intentionally left out Israel…and I began to think this was the same.

And then, somehow, I managed to place the cursor just so…a fraction of a millimeter on the scale of that map was enough to render Israel all but invisible.

That, I realized, is how small Israel really is.

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