Helping to Fight Anti-Semitism on the Web

Another part of being Israeli is worrying about Jews and anti-Semitism around the world. So here’s an interesting idea that isn’t really part of Israel…but is so incredibly Israeli.

There’s a horrible website (I won’t tell you what it is…because it doesn’t matter) – Jews have been writing about it and sending it to others to protest…and each time, people click on the link – pushing that horrid website higher and higher in the Google search engine. Yes, I’ve seen it. It’s filled with lies and hatred…the only thing new…is that we are the catalyst helping them promote their hatred – and it’s time to stop!

Now we are launching a global effort to bury that anti-Semitic site way down in the search – and here’s the secret – I’m creating this link – help today – and click on it. Want to help again – come back tomorrow and click on it again, and again and again. Send this page to everyone you can and ask them to click on the link as well…

The more we click…the more THIS link will rise and those who are evil and seek to spread hatred…will fall. It’s as easy as a click:

Want to help – just click this word: Jew
It’ll take you to the Wikipedia entry for “Jew” – it’s simple. It’s neutral – and tons of clicks will bury those others in the ashes of their hatred. May that be our revenge!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and click again!

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