Haveil Havalim # 368

I’m up again to host the weekly Haveil Havalim – a carnival of Jewish and Israeli blogs.The Haveil Havalim blog carnival was founded by Soccer Dad and every week a different blogger takes a turn to host a weekly collection of blog posts.

The name “Haveil Havalim” means “Vanity of the Vanities” and is taken from the book Ecclesiates in the Tanach (Old Testament of the Bible). If you blog about Israel or Jewish-related subjects, please feel free to join the Haveil Havalim Facebook group or go and have a look at the Haveil Havalim website.


Israel, Of Course

There’s a lot this week about Israel and Israeli politics. I’ve decided to split it into two. 

Israeli Politics

US Politics from This Side of the Ocean

  • And since I find this funny and I like to be balanced, here’s someone who says you SHOULD vote…none other than Batya’s husband in My Right Word. Yisrael’s post: Register AND Vote.

I’ll apologize in advance to those I might have left out – it was a busy week (you can read about it here: The Life of a Project, in which a 20 hour project ended up taking 120 hours in the midst of my commitment to do the Haveil Havalim).

So, that’s it for me this week – thanks for joining me on a tour of the Jewish and Israeli Blogosphere!

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