HamasLovers…Copyright Infringement

Here’s a riddle: When is a journalist not a journalist?

Answer: When he lies to get a story…and…when he commits copyright infringement. And so it is with Faisal Assegaf. His current posting looks like this:

Note the gorgeous guy in the middle? Well, that’s my son – and this is proof that Faisal pilfered the picture illegally (thanks to the person who wrote and alerted me to this illegal action). I immediately wrote to WordPress demanding action against this copyright infringement and wrote to Faisal telling him that he did not have permission and better remove Elie’s picture immediately. I gave him 24 hours…it took him 5 minutes.

And he added a comment:

So, would u like to give me permission to put on ur son on my blog Mrs Paula?

So, here’s my answer, thanks to the kind suggestion of Jameel over at the Muqata:

Mr. Faisal, you have, if you answer the following questions, permission, if you answer the following questions, to use, if you answer the following questions, my precious son’s picture – if you answer the following questions:

  • What Indonesian army unit are you in, including name, rank, serial number, unit name, commander’s name, and your entire family tree (with pictures) going back 3 generations?
  • What are your connections to Hamas, how much money have you given them, will give them, etc. and what bank number and account did you use to transfer this money?
  • How do you communicate with Hamas – what’s your personal cellphone number and that of your handler?
  • Did you celebrate on 9/11 when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were hit by one of the worst (perhaps the worst) terrorist attack ever?
  • Before your children go to school, do they ask you what you’ll do if they get hit by a car?
  • Do you typically teach your children to kill innocent people by using firebombs, rockets, mortars, or missiles?
  • What is your bank name and account number, VISA card number and expiration date?

If anyone has any other questions for Faisal, please feel free to post – I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer here (or on his website about HamasLovers…of course, you’d have to understand Indonesian to read it).

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