HamasLovers…Copyright Infringement

Here’s a riddle: When is a journalist not a journalist?

Answer: When he lies to get a story…and…when he commits copyright infringement. And so it is with Faisal Assegaf. His current posting looks like this:

Note the gorgeous guy in the middle? Well, that’s my son – and this is proof that Faisal pilfered the picture illegally (thanks to the person who wrote and alerted me to this illegal action). I immediately wrote to WordPress demanding action against this copyright infringement and wrote to Faisal telling him that he did not have permission and better remove Elie’s picture immediately. I gave him 24 hours…it took him 5 minutes.

And he added a comment:

So, would u like to give me permission to put on ur son on my blog Mrs Paula?

So, here’s my answer, thanks to the kind suggestion of Jameel over at the Muqata:

Mr. Faisal, you have, if you answer the following questions, permission, if you answer the following questions, to use, if you answer the following questions, my precious son’s picture – if you answer the following questions:

  • What Indonesian army unit are you in, including name, rank, serial number, unit name, commander’s name, and your entire family tree (with pictures) going back 3 generations?
  • What are your connections to Hamas, how much money have you given them, will give them, etc. and what bank number and account did you use to transfer this money?
  • How do you communicate with Hamas – what’s your personal cellphone number and that of your handler?
  • Did you celebrate on 9/11 when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were hit by one of the worst (perhaps the worst) terrorist attack ever?
  • Before your children go to school, do they ask you what you’ll do if they get hit by a car?
  • Do you typically teach your children to kill innocent people by using firebombs, rockets, mortars, or missiles?
  • What is your bank name and account number, VISA card number and expiration date?

If anyone has any other questions for Faisal, please feel free to post – I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer here (or on his website about HamasLovers…of course, you’d have to understand Indonesian to read it).

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  1. ROTFLOL This is great stuff. Thanks for sharing it. You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. You forgot to ask him for his shoe size, his driving licence number, and his inside leg measurement in inches. 🙂

  3. Wow. You are one mom I would NOT want to mess with. But you know they say us women protecting our children are lions.

    The one thing that family members of US soldiers are told is to be very careful about posting things about their military person. Even pictures. The whole Operation Security thing (Opsec). Good intel people can piece together a classified operations plan via unclassified pieces that people tell their families and that their families share.

    A few years ago, a Marine Corps deployment was put in communication black-out because the wives had figured out the OpPlan from telling each other in e-mail and blogs about what their spouses were telling them as they were enroute on the ships.

    I was actually surprised that your son had his cell phone with him to call you from where ever he was because its possible to extrapolate positions via intercepted cell phone conversations.

  4. Chevre, this whole thing is not funny at all, I just hope Elie uses any camo very well and will be totally unrecognisable when inside ‘Aza. All Elie’s, for that matter. Hate to say it, but donot underestimate the hamas guys and their intentions at this point in the struggle and their int’l links.
    Great respect for how Isr. soldiers work their way on there.

  5. One more Q here:
    – how much $$ did your country Indonesia contribute to the UN’s UNRWA fund to help out the Pali’s?
    Bet very little, less than several non-muslim countries (and to our shame did we contribute, ‘cs we didnot “follow that money” and monitor how it was spent!).

    Connected to that, here http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123171179743471961.html?mod=djemEditorialPage#articleTabs%3Darticle
    is a very interesting read about how that whole 60-year-long funding made ‘Aza into what it is. Just – but that’s personal – I’m not looking forward that much to what the author advises in the last but one paragraph (don’t want to picture hate-infested kids running taking care of elderly ppl). If I may so so – I think no human being, only G-d can take that stone of bloodthirsty hate out the hearts of Pali’s.

  6. I would just say to him, take it OFF of your filthy site NOW. I don’t even know Elie, or your family but it’s very disturbing to me to see your handsome sons face on a filthy hate site.

  7. He should realize that you never anger a Jewish mother. NEVER! Our wrath can be worse than any army’s.

  8. Meanwhile, they — when not hiding behind women and children, or posing as doctors — completely cover their faces with ski masks and/or kaffiyehs. Look at any photo or vid coverage of any recent pro-Hamas rally and see all the brave men with their faces covered.

  9. Soldiers Mom,

    I stumbled across your blog last week and have been following since. Know there are many praying for the protection of your son and all the other young men in the IDF. My son spent two years in Iraq so I understand what you are going through. My wife and I will keep you and your family in our prayers. My G-d continue protect your son and his fellow troopers and give you and your family peace.


    Bert Ford

  10. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you forward this guy’s emails and his ISP details to the Israeli authorities. You may not be the first Israeli he’s tried to take for a ride in this way, and they may be able to follow up other links he uses to help Hamas out.

    I always enjoy reading your posts, and have been moved to tears by some of your posts during this war. May the Almighty keep safe Elie and all who fight for and guard the people of Israel, and bring us all peace.

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