Going Among Your Enemies

Can you imagine traveling to the heart of your enemy’s country, perhaps to one of the largest cities there, while technically your country is still at war with that enemy? Today, as happens many days in Israel, the ironies of life surrounded us. Two news reports arrived.

The first was of two Israeli men who entered the Arab neighborhood of Azariyeh, near Jerusalem, hoping to sell several hundred pairs of jeans to an Arab resident, and instead the man pulled a knife and robbed them. Little wonder Israelis are forbidden to travel into these areas. And yet, as this was happening, an Iraqi woman was “wondering” into Israel – to receive medical care that will likely save her life. Here is her story:

Iraqi woman provided catheterization in Israeli hospital

The online news media WALLA reports, that a 30 year old Iraqi woman arrived to Rambam hospital in Haifa for catheterization.

The woman’s identity cannot be revealed due to the reason that she comes from one of the most dangerous cities in Iraq where militias could revenge and harm her family who lives in the city.
The Iraqi woman was able to reach Israel with the help of “Shevet Achim” a Christian organization that assists citizens from Arab countries in the Middle East to be treated in Israeli hospitals. This program is meant to bring hearts closer between Israel and the various Arab countries.

During the catheterization which was preformed by Dr. Avraham Lurber, a hole in the heart was repaired and next week the woman will be able to return to her family in Iraq.

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