Friedrich Nietzsche and Ehud Olmert

There’s a long standing joke that Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “There is no God.”

To which, God replied, “There is no Friedrich Nietzsche.”

In the end, of course, long after Nietzsche was dead and buried, God was right.

I thought of that recently when I heard Ehud Olmert proclaim that there is no greater Israel, no claim that what was once ours. Who he is to claim this, I have yet to figure out. Of course, who Nietzsche was to proclaim there is no God is not much different. And, in the end, long after Olmert and Nietzsche, there will be God and the land of Israel.

Olmert’s words (at least for now):

“I used to believe that everything from the Jordan Riverbank to the Mediterranean Sea was ours. After all, dig anywhere and you’ll find Jewish history.”

That is most definitely true.

“No other nation is as strong and no other nation in the Middle East can rival us. The strategic threats we face have nothing to do with where we draw our borders.

Well, those two sentences have nothing to do with each other…but let’s give the Prime Minister a break…maybe, just maybe, he’s getting to some point.

“We can argue about every single detail, but when we finally hash out an agreement we may find we no longer have the international community’s backing, or a partner for that matter.”

Um, isn’t that exactly where we found ourselves?

We’ll be left with nothing but the feeling that once again, as for the past 40 years, we were right.”

Olmert is the only one I know who can make being right…sound wrong. If we are right, and we don’t have a partner…why exactly are we worried about what some supposed partner in the future may agree to?

But Olmert’s concern remains, as it has been for the longest time, his legacy, his future, his interests and so, he has declared that Greater Israel is no more and with great relish, Israel is coming close to the point where it can say, the reign of Ehud Olmert is no more. Long after Olmert and Nietzsche, there will be God and the land of Israel.

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