For Whom We Pray…

A good friend posted to Facebook a request in our neighborhood for everyone to pray for these boys. They are soldiers that are fighting now.

Iron Dome intercepts 6 rockets fired at Ashkelon 

  • Natanel Avraham Yona ben Sima Faiga
  • Eliezer ben Tanya
  • Binyamin Elimelech ben Penina 
  • Mordechai Zev ben Varda Rivka 
  • Avichai Moshe ben Ilana Chana 
  • Chanan Yona ben Bracha 
  • Simcha Avraham ben Bryna Leah 
  • Natan Elisha ben Lea 
  • Mordechai Eliezer ben Rivka 
  • Efraim Yehoshua ben Rivka
  • Elimeyer ben Rifka Rena
  • Elisha Ben Yehudis
  • Gavriel Ben Yehudis
  • Yamin Raphael ben Tzviya Rachel Miriam
There are thousands of soldiers whose names belong on this list – pls send me others and I will add them here and to whatever lists I know of.

Rocket explodes near Beersheba

It’s a beautiful concept to ask others to pray for the safety of our sons and so I too ask that you pray for these and for all our sons. 
Ashkelon: 2 rockets hit residential area 
I’ll also add that there are few things harder in life than having your son’s name on the list. I want to tell her to take it off; I don’t want him there. 
2 Rockets fired on Eshkol 
I just don’t. I won’t ask that his name be taken off the list, of course. 
2 rocket explode in Ashdod 
I’ll continue to breathe deeply; I’ll go among my friends and teach my class. I’ll finish this document and have that meeting in 30 minutes. 

Rocket explodes in open area in Beersheba

And the whole time, my head is reminding my brain to pay attention and my heart is snickering at their foolish discussion. 
Rocket explodes outside Sderot 
Pay attention? Are you idiots? 
5 rockets explode in Eshkol 
There is no pay attention right now. 
Ashkelon school hit by rocket 
I’m working to keep the fear deep inside me. If you watch the news sites, the reports of incoming rockets can cripple you. Rockets are hitting the south and have been aimed at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

3 rockets explode in Eshkol 

And through it all, now, is the reality that these rockets are flying over my son’s head. They are crashing into the ground not far from him.

Rocket lands in Sha’ar Hanegev; none hurt 

My head tells me that he knows where the rockets are; that he has protection where he is. He is so smart, my son. I have to trust him to do what he has been trained to do. A few months ago, he had Reserve duty – three weeks. This is what they trained for.
Siren sounds in Hof Ashkelon, Sha’ar Hanegev 
I haven’t found my balance yet – that really is the problem. I’ll find it. I will. But I’ll probably cry some more tears first. .


  1. I occasionally receive requests to Daven for specific soldiers who are injured. I received a request just the other day for some of the soldiers injured on the Gaza Border. Can we create an updated list of the soldiers we should be Davening for? That way we have 1 place to point all our friends and neighbors for the proper list? Thanx.

    Shlomo Dubrowin, Neve Daniel

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