Elie Has Clothes!

I know, I know – she’s going to kill me, but it was so cute.

Lauren called me a short while ago – they’ll be flying home soon. It went so fast and yet it was so long. I missed them both, missed the party that Lauren’s parents gave them, missed seeing Elie see the United States…and New York City.

Before Elie went into the army – he had clothes in many colors. He had what we called Shabbat clothes and regular clothes…and that was it. He had warmer clothes in the winter, cooler clothes for the summer. When he went into the army – two things happened. His wardrobe became…well, green; and his body changed. He tightened up, became both thinner and stronger, more toned, healthier.

While he was in the army, he barely bought clothes because he barely needed them. For three years, he wore green clothes and Shabbat clothes and what he had from before worked fine. He bought clothes for family events, but few if any jeans and what he had from before were too big by the time he left the army.

When he got out – he bought some shirts, but not many; some pants – all in the style that was comfortable and easy. The month before Davidi’s bar mitzvah, Elie was stuck first on base and then in a war zone – and had no time to buy clothes for the event. He came home on Wednesday, the bar mitzvah was the following weekend.

On Friday, Shmulik went shopping with him and they bought beautiful shirts and sweaters for Elie, but in truth, I was so happy to have him home, I didn’t care what he was wearing. Before they left, Lauren said they’d buy him clothes in America and I somewhat jokingly told her that she should go with him and make sure he picked out nice clothes…and apparently they did!

“Elie has clothes!” Lauren told me over the phone. And not the typical black clothes he has chosen to wear but colors! Maybe I can get him to agree to me posting a picture…maybe…

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  1. We want pictures!! 🙂

  2. well, I make (or at least heavily alter) my own uniforms and Liberty clothes. It’s not terribly difficult compared to (say for example)tuning up a surface-search radar, but doing it seems to impress female persons; and you actually end up with better-built clothes!

    Not to start any quarrels, but making garments is a very cost-efficient thing to do. A young women just starting out in her family status might really reap YEARS of benefit from learning these skills; not to mention plenty of under-the-table pocket-money.

    In my heart, I believe that on average, women enjoy the whole “shoppping for clothes” soap opera more than the having of perfect clothes. There is no other plausible explanation for observed behaviour of allegedly rational persons.

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