Three Years…a Video of Cast Lead

I recognize so many of the weapons, so much of the equipment…from stories Elie told me…three years…and one of my greatest wishes is that I never, ever, ever have to live through another war…it’s a wish that won’t come true…and yet I make it anyway.

Eight candles of Hanuka are burning in our window – in a few short hours, Elie will be on a plane back from the US with Lauren…please God, never again.

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  1. there would be less wars if people like you try to understand the other side of the conflict instead of just being so hateful.
    “less anger my friend”

  2. People like me? I have to wonder how you define me, Anonymous # 574. For the record, I am not being hateful and if there is anger, it is justified. Imagine if you had dreams for your son…and others took those dreams away.

    I dreamed of living in Israel with my children in peace. I never thought about the time they would have to defend this land. Certainly, I never thought my son would have to go to war. This was something I never wanted for him and yet I’m proud that he served his country and protected his people.

    I’m not filled with hatred – quite the opposite. I love my husband, my children, the family and life we have built here. I don’t hate the Palestinians – if anything, I pity them for having the leaders they do.

    If you want to see hatred, search this blog for “Comments on Comments” and read the messages some people sent to me during and after the war, and what other have sent since. No, you don’t know me at all so your comment about my trying to understand the other side is quite ironic when you show so little understanding of my side.

    As for me, I do understand the Arab side. I understand that they have been abused for generations – by their so-called brothers, fed a steady diet of hatred and lies. What we had was a war – a war they started, a war THEY chose to fight.

    And as a result of that war and all that followed, there was a population exchange. About 650,000 Arabs fled the area that became Israel…but what you may not know is that over 800,000 Jews fled or were expelled from Arab lands. We took them in, fed them, housed them and most important, accepted them, loved them, and assimilated them into the population. Their children and grandchildren own the houses next to mine, across the street, up the block and down the block.

    The Palestinian children and grandchildren of those refugees who fled in 1948 – were put in camps by their brothers and left to rot there. That is where you’ll find the hate.

  3. The difference in attitude is that we value life and our traditions, they value traditions but life has a price tag and is very cheap. Its easy for some to reproduce and much harder to educate people to treat others well as you would expect to be treated promoting violence and greed are not to be commended the investment in the future generations to adhere to acceptance of others is high!

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Sadly, Paula does understand the other side’s objective. You can too at:

    Take the Hamas leaders at their own words — they want the destruction of Israel. Israel is the most democratic, progressive, technologically-advanced country and society in the Middle East and the “Palestinians” want to erase all of that.

    Yes, Paula understands what Hamas wants far more than you and I do. She’s had 2 boys in the IDF and worried about their safety each time those ‘poor Palestinians’ launch another deadly rocket (into a civilian neighborhood) in the name of peace.

    Spare the lectures about peace for the ones who worship death and destruction.

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