Eat Your Vegetables!

The army supplies soldiers with food – round the clock. The food is, for the most part, as balanced as the army can manage. They have tons of fruits and vegetables available, meat in huge quantities.

But there’s a problem – there’s a strike! That’s right – starting tomorrow, the vegetable suppliers are going on strike. They will not bring fresh fruits and vegetables to market. Israel is a country that eats healthier than many. Our bread is delivered daily, fresh to the markets (though you can buy packaged bread). Because the country is so small, fruits and vegetables find their way to our stores and tables…perhaps in hours of being picked – certainly within a few short days.

Already tomorrow, we will begin to feel the pressure of not having these fresh fruits and vegetables. But the army has soldiers to feed and they must eat. So it has arranged, quietly and efficiently, to bypass the suppliers and get the produce directly from the farmers. And the farmers have agreed because they love our soldiers.

Tomorrow or the next day, there may not be cucumbers and tomatoes, oranges and apples – all staples of our diet – in the stores, but our soldiers will not feel this. The farmers love our soldiers!

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