Dry Bones on the Flotilla

My love affair with Dry Bones goes back more than 25 years…to a time when Yaakov Kirschen came to Columbia University and challenged me to make aliyah. He threw out his telephone number and told me to call him when I finally made aliyah.

He was so right, in so many ways – it took me more than 10 years to finally get here…and I came, as he predicted would happen if I remained in America, with a husband and my three children. And yet, I still like to believe that I won the aliyah challenge…I was, after all, finally home. I never managed to call Yaakov Kirschen to tell him I’d arrived; and I’m not sure even the few times I’ve met him here, that I actually told him that I was the one he’d challenged and that I’d won. But I did write about it; and the Jerusalem Post even published the article.

As always, Dry Bones shows such intelligence, such clarity of thought…here’s Dry Bones on the Flotilla (I hope Yaakov will not mind my republishing this here – with citation, if not permission….I put a link and will remove it if asked…otherwise, hopefully, with implicit permission).

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