Congratulations, Gaza

Congratulations to the purveyors of hate, those who worship death and blood. Today is your day; victory is yours.

And with your victory, you receive gifts from Israel. An axe murderer…those who have killed, in cold blood – women and children and old men. Your brave heroes return to you.

As much as this sickens me, I can tell you the air will soon be that much cleaner in Israel once they leave. Take them – may they rot in this life and in the next; may every breathe they take for the remainder of their cursed lives be ones stolen from the next world. I believe, with complete and perfect faith, that God is the Ultimate Judge. No one, I promise the families of these men, no one escapes the truest of justice.

Let them go, let them stink up the lands in Gaza and in the homes they occupy – true justice is something they will never escape. I’m so sorry for your pain but I hope you can see past it enough to feel the love of Israel, if not this stupid, blind government.

My grandmother, may her memory be blessed, died when I was a child. I know her mostly through things my mother told me and some vague memories of her face, her smile and her hugs. She said, “You get what you pay for.” Today, Gaza bought murderers and the lowest of life forms – and that is what they will receive.

You may feel that someone had again robbed you of your loved ones – but that is not so; those you lost once cannot be taken from you – they remain in your hearts. No one can violate them ever again because unlike these miserable creatures, they walk with God now; these excuses for men will get their ultimate reward and from what I’ve heard, it’s very hot there, very uncomfortable and not for a moment does God let them forget their crimes.

God loves His people, Israel. We have survived much greater things than the release of these murderers – we will go from strength to strength always cherishing the light and life; they cherish death and darkness. They choose to murder and die. Let them. Let them go – they escape nothing because the truest of justice  awaits them.

These are the rewards Gaza will celebrate soon – and with each cheer, each gun they fire in the air – they say to the world, clearly and without shame – these things, they vile creatures who murder old men with axes…these are our heroes.

May God curse them from here into and beyond the next world and may God bless the memories of their victims.

1. May God curse Kor Mattawa Hamad Faiz, jailed since 1985, for the murder of Menahem Dadon and attempted murder of Salomon Abukasis.

2. May God curse Salah Ibrahim Ahmad Mughdad, jailed since 1993, for the murder of Israel Tenenbaum.

3. May God curse Na’anish Naif Abdel Jafar Samir, jailed since 1989, for the murder of Binyamin Meisner.

4. May God curse Arshid A. Hamid Yusef Yusef, jailed since 1993, for the murder of Nadal Rabu Ja’ab, Adnan Ajad Dib, Mufid Cana’an, Tawafiq Jaradat and Ibrahim Sa’id Ziwad.

5. May God curse Al Haj Othman Amar Mustafa, jailed since 1989, for the murder Steven Frederick Rosenfeld.

6. May God curse Maslah Abdallah Salama Salma, jailed since 1993, for the murder of Reuven David.

7. May God curse Abu Moussa Salam Ali Atiya, jailed since 1994, for the murder Isaac Rotenberg.

8. May God curse Maqlad Mahmoud Zayd Salah, jailed since 1993, for the murder of Yeshayahu Deutsch.

9. May God curse Sawalha Bad Almajed Mahmad Mahmad, jailed since 1993 for the murder of Baruch Heisler, and attempted murder of Betty Malka, Shai Cohen, Avishag Cohen.

10. May God curse Shaath Azath Shaaban Attaf, jailed since v93, for being the accessory to the murder of Simcha Levy.

11. May God curse Abdel Aal Sa’id Ouda Yusef, jailed since 1994, for throwing explosives, accessory to the murder of Ian Feinberg and Sami Ramadan.

12. May God curse Barbakh Faiz Rajab Madhat, jailed since 1994, for the murder of Moshe Beker.

13. May God curse Raai Ibrahim Salam Ali, jailed since 1994, for the murder of Moris Eisenstatt.

14. May God curse Nashbat Jabar Yusef Mahmad, jailed since 1990, for being an accessory to the murder of Amnon Pomerantz.

15. May God curse Mortja Hasin Ganim Samir, jailed since 1993, for abduction, interrogation through torture, and murder of Samir Alsilawi, Khaled Malka, Nasser Aqila, Ali al Zaabot.

16. May God curse Sawalha Faz Ahmad Husni, jailed since 1990, for the murder of Heisler Baruch.

17. May God curse Ramahi Salah Abdallah Faraj, jailed since 1992, for the murder of Avraham Kinstler.

18. May God curse Abu Satta Ahmad Sa’id Aladdin, jailed since 1994, for the murder of David Dadi and Hayim Weizman.

19. May God curse Abu Sita Talab Mahmad Ayman, jailed since 1994, for the murder of David Dadi and Hayim Weizman.

20. May God curse Mansour Omar Abdel Hafiz Asmat, jailed since 1993, for being an accessory to the murder of Hayim Mizrahi.

21. May God curse Asqara Mahmad Ahmad Khaled, jailed in 1991, for the murder of Annie Ley.

22. May God curse Janadiya Yusef Radwan Nahad, jailed since 1989, for the murder of Zalman Shlein.

23. May God curse Hamadiah Mahmoud Awad Muhammad, jailed since 1989, for the murder of Zalman Shlein.

24. May God curse Abdel Nabi A. Wahab Jamal Jamil, jailed since 1992, for the murder of Shmuel Gersh.

25. May God curse Ziwad Muhammad Taher Taher, jailed since 1993, for the murder of Avraham Cohen.

26. May God curse Sabih Abed Hamed Borhan, jailed since 2001, for the murder of Jamil Muhammad Naim Sabih, Aisha Abdullah Haradin.

4 Comments on Congratulations, Gaza

  1. You forgot one curse:

    May God curse Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers for releasing murderers on the say so of his master, Barack Obama. They have Jewish blood on their hands.

  2. May these murderers not experience one day of comfort, good health, or success for the rest of their miserable lives….Amen. Jan

  3. Findalis – Amen!

    The Bible enjoins us against cursing the leaders of one’s people or being talebearers against them; but to this sound rule there is always an exception.

    I curse Israel’s leaders who have subverted justice and blessed evil! We must resolutely stand against what they have done and set our faces against them!

    We can find little comfort that dark chaos has returned to our world. None of them will get far and those who sit with men of blood and deceit – they shall fall into the snare planned for them!

    Our loved ones live on through our memories and foolish politicians cannot desecrate them and do them more violence! We shall make sure for certain surety that the martyrs of Israel, may their memories be for an eternal blessing – are not forgotten in Israel!


  4. I would say: May God judge them. As surely He will.

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