Combatting Anti-Semitism on the Web – Israel’s Problem Too…

You can help combat anti-Semitism on the web…it’s as easy as a click.

Google and Search

The Google team recently posted an explanation of why one particularly anti-Semitic site is at the top of its search engine when someone searches for the simple term “Jew”. Essentially, the reason is…us.

People are sending around an email about this site…and everyone is clicking on it to see if it is really as bad as they say (it is). That boosts them to the top.

To counter this, we need people to click on “good” links – here are a few. Please click on these links…and return to click on others on this page late today, tomorrow, etc. These links are further down in the search engine and as they are promoted, they should pass the bad sites and rise to the top. Let’s hope – please do your part by clicking and asking others to come to this page and click too!

Jew: FAQ about Jews
Jew: Jewish Virtual Library
Jew: Encyclopedia Britannica’s definition
Jew: Another Wikipedia entry

Reprinted from: PaulaSays

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