At Last…At Last – A Defense Unveiled

Two news alerts have just been published – both are welcome signs that Israel is acting.

The first is so Israeli…the IDF has been leaving voice messages on telephones in Gaza. The message is so simple, so obvious, and incredibly clear. If you stay where there are weapons and rockets, you are not an innocent bystander, and you have been warned. Here’s the message:

The Israeli military warns: IDF jets will bomb any house where weapons or rockets are found and the owner of the house will suffer the consequences.”

And secondly, the Deputy Defense Minister, Matan Vilai is doing what Israel’s leaders should have done weeks ago: he’s moving his offices to Sderot. This is the truest definition of what it means to be an Israeli leader. It is learned in the army, when a commander turns to his troops and says simply, “Follow me.”

A few days ago, there was great shame in watching the government show restraint at a time when action was needed. Today, there is great pride in Israel. We did not want war and we did not choose this path. It was chosen each and every time the Arabs chose to shoot missiles and rockets at our cities.

At last, with pride in our government and our army, we can say to our enemies – THIS is Israel!

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