Artillery Marches On…

Despite Elie being out of the army, my attention continues to be drawn to items related to things related to artillery, or places he served while in the army. I’ll notice when there is a stoning attack near Azzoun – a recent shooting attack as well. I watch for the places up north, south of Jerusalem, and more.

Today, a news item from Israel National News caught my attention – a new weapon to be used by artillery. It is called the “Enchanted Spear.” I find the name…enchanting…but more, I’m glad that the army continues to develop and improve its arsenal. As a mother, this means our sons will have better equipment with which to fight and, hopefully, it means a greater level of safety while they do it. Elie has moved on to the next phase in his life. Hopefully soon, he will begin working and studying. For now, he helps around the house, fixes things, reorganizes, explores. He is back to regularly volunteering for the ambulance squad, running out in the middle of the night when they call. It is a good time for him.

From Israel National News:
New Highly Accurate Mini-Rocket for Combat Units

Israel Military Industries (IMI) has developed an artillery rocket with a precise 40 km range. IMI reports that the new rocket, called “Enchanted Spear”, is able to hit a target with a precision of ten meters. The new device includes a directive system based on GPS, and an advanced navigation system which is based on a miniature rocket engine. The rocket is constructed to hit and destroy targets on the ground, such as artillery batteries, headquarters and infantry centers of the enemy.

IMI says that during the last few years, the necessity for artillery aid to ground forces has become clear, especially during Operation Cast Lead whereby the IDF fired 7,500 shells as part of the ground firing forces’ operations. The Artillery Corps is also planning on upgrading the accuracy of its artillery shells in the near future.

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