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It is rare that the world recognized the amazing lengths that Israel goes to in order to aid others. Sometimes the first to arrive, sometimes later during the recuperation period, Israel often sends its specialists to help, its doctors to save, its rescue units to find those stranded and injured. The latest in a long line of such rescue attempts began recently to help the victims of Taiwan’s most severe typhoon.

According to Israel National News:

Israel joined the international effort to help Taiwan and the more than 1,300 people still stranded a week after Typhoon Morakot struck. In addition to U.S. aircraft and personnel organizing a massive airlift to talk people to safety, Israel sent high-speed water-transport equipment and Singapore sent $1.14 million worth of medical supplies and water purifiers.

About 60 countries, the European Union and 19 international and non-governmental organizations have contributed money to relief efforts, according to an AP report. The worst-ever typhoon to strike Taiwan, Typhoon Morakot struck on August 8 and dumped more than 120 inches of rain that unleashed floods and mudslides.

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