Answering their Lies with the TRUTH

Part of being Israel is understanding that many who are indeed against us will lie to get their way. They feed off the ignorance and apathy of others who don’t care enough to learn the truth. Here’s a perfect example:


The World Health Organization accused Israel of causing the deaths of Palestinians by denying them access to Israeli hospitals. Of course, the WHO didn’t condemn the Hamas-led government for spending millions on rockets instead of building their own hospitals. It didn’t condemn Palestinian schools for teaching Palestinian children that they should be doctors and nurses instead of martyrs and murderers. No…the WHO reserved their criticism for Israel who supposedly blocked Palestinians from gaining access to its hospitals.

Today, the IDF answered – as we expected – the political agenda of the World Heath Organization is revealed:

IDF officials said Tuesday evening that a report from the World Health Organization accusing Israel of failing to assist dying patients in Gaza was “completely wrong.” In fact, they said, 90 percent of Gaza patients who request treatment in Israel have their requests approved. The 10 percent who are denied for security reasons are allowed to seek treatment in Egypt or Jordan, they said.

Colonel Nir Press of the IDF Liason Administration discussed the five case studies presented by WHO as “proof” that Israeli policies caused the death of Gaza Arabs. In fact, all five patients had been approved for medical treatment in Israeli hospitals, he said. Two of the patients received treatment in Israeli hospitals, while three never used their permits. The patients had died of their illnesses, not because of Israel, he concluded.

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