Another side of Israel

All too often, people outside of Israel think of our country as one where there is much violence, constant terror attacks and danger all around. For the most part, this is not true. We live in relative peace – our cities are quiet, crime levels are lower than in most developed countries and there is a strong sense of community. You can probably here a “but” coming along, and so, this post is about the “but” part of living in Israel.

Two recent events sadly show that we are still a society in which sometimes our enemies show their determination…luckily, our determination remains strong and so even if tomorrow a rocket hits…the day after, we will still be here.

Two recent stories:

  • A Kassam rocket slammed into a schoolyard recently, just thirty minutes before it would have been filled with children. The high school has not yet been reinforced, and the building’s music room was damaged by the explosion.
  • And quickly into the realm of beyond belief…two women from Gaza were recently caught on their way to attack Israelis. The two women included a pregnant mother of eight, and her niece, a mother of four. The two were planning a joint two-pronged suicide attack in Tel Aviv and Netanya.

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