Another Reason Israeli Americans Won’t Vote Obama

Israelis are known to disagree on about as many things as they might happen to agree, but almost universally, those of us who love this country know that a nuclear option is simply not an option.

What that means, how it will be prevented, we have no idea. So Vice-President Hopeful Joe Biden’s recent comment that “Israel will have to reconcile itself with the nuclearization of Iran” (quoted on Army Radio Monday as telling senior Israeli officials), is yet another reason why most Americans living in Israel will not vote for the Obama-Biden ticket.

Obama’s history and comments on Israel are concerning enough – Joe Biden’s quotes (and a well-known slant towards Iran and Iranian culture) helps cement where we will place our votes.

The only question for us, I guess – is who stands with us in America. Will you vote for Obama-Biden, knowing that this likely endangers Israel? I guess that is the question many American Jews will have to decide.

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