Anonymous Strikes Again

I’ve become quite good at recognizing and deleting posts that are offensive. I don’t mind those that disagree – it’s the offensive ones that I refuse to post. But every once in a while, there is one that taunts enough to want me to answer back…so, here goes:

The wise and brave “Anonymous” – who obviously is neither wise, nor brave… sent me a message signed only “MUSLIM BROTHER” from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He starts off quite well, as many an anonymous post does:

Malaysians are with deep prayers for the innocents killed in Gaza.

I can’t argue with this. I too pray deeply for the innocents of Gaza. I pray that they are safe, that their lives are spared, their homes not damaged. In many ways, I pray and care for them more than their own government. After all, I wish peace for them, not death. I hope they learn to fight for life rather than the glorification of death. I want their children to grow up, safe and healthy, to be doctors and teachers and engineers, not martyrs and murderers and terrorists. I pray they strive for democracy rather than the fanatical leadership they have elected.

We hope we will be joining our brethren in Palestine to protect its citizens from being further pushed to the seas by the Zionist occupiers…

Well…see, I have a problem with this because we’ve never tried to push anyone into the sea. In fact, these words are ironic, as they were first used back in 1947 when the Arab armies swarmed into the newly re-created State of Israel, promising to push the Jews into the sea. For the last 60+ years, this has been the paramount goal of every Arab aggression, every attempt at war and to a large extent, every terrorist attack. Never mind the absurd picture of a bunch of Malaysians traveling thousands of miles to try to protect the Palestinians, does Mr. Anonymous have any sense of geography, topology?

Are the Palestinians fish? If not, what are they doing living in the sea? (If you say you are against someone being “pushed further into the sea” – doesn’t that imply they are currently IN the sea”?).

I’ve been to Gaza…it’s incredibly beautiful – no, not the slums and poorly built housing, but the magnificent beaches and sand dunes that border the slums that the Palestinians have lived in…now of course, this is where Mr. Muslim Brother decries the sad and poor status of the Palestinians…but I wonder if perhaps he could then help us trace the 10 billion Euros donated to the Palestinians in the last decade, the hundreds of millions of dollars donated from around the world.

but unfortunately we are not united enough.

That’s ok, take your time. Really. A united, fanatical, Islamic world is not one I want to see any time soon.

But God’s promise will come.

Yes, thank God, we believe the same thing. I too believe God’s promise will come…and, to a very large extent, I believe it already has. After all, I live in my country, proud and content. My sons grow, my daughters thrive. Sure, I’d really like it if the economy would pick up a little, but I’m not going to quibble – I mean, health, now THAT is the most important thing…and peace.

And when the time comes, the Zionists will realize why God has been cursing them but then it will be too late.

Well, gee…when exactly did God curse us? I mean – if you think about it – can you name a single place in the world where an enemy shot 10,000 missiles and for the most part missed. How can you explain the miracles that happen each day here. When the missile hits a house…where the family has just left; when a rocket hits an empty school yard…minutes before the children are to arrive; when our soldiers are led away from booby-trapped homes; avoid traps set by Hamas; and so many others. This is a land of miracles and we are so blessed. Cursed by God? Not even close.

“We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight”

Been there, done that. Gaza went down…and will go down again if they continue to shoot rockets at Israel. On the humorous side, I played the song for Elie. He was incredibly amused because he didn’t see a valiant enemy fighting but rather one that hid in bunkers and left their people to fend for themselves. He too immediately pointed out that Israel would not have to “burn” the mosques and homes and schools – if only they were used as they were meant to be used, as the names imply. We downloaded the song – and Elie is now using it as the ring-tone for his phone. He will share it with the entire unit. There is a justice in that, an irony in that, and humor in that. “It’s a sick, huh?” Elie laughed.

No, I think it shows that he’s at peace with himself and his actions. If he really believed he was wrong, that he’d done something wrong, he’d be ashamed. There is no shame – only pride that he defended his land and his people.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If you say so…personally, I believe that God commanded us to live and not to die, to seek peace and not make war. Personally, I believe that God’s help is already here; we don’t have to wait until it comes around the corner. Malaysia may be in Gaza’s heart…but this war proves that Israel is in God’s heart…and I’ll take that over anything else.

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  1. It is strange to me. All I need in order to see that the Jews are the rightful owners of Israel? Ok. 1) What year is it in the Islamic calendar? Somewhere in the 1200s. Jewish? Nearly 5800. 2) Mentions of Jerusalem in Koran? 0. Ok. That’s all I needed. I am not above letting people visit. But really.

  2. Check you Bible…might find this…”I will bless those who bless you.” Genesis 12:3 …in reference to Isreal of course. God’s chosen people for a reason!

  3. Actually, Jerusalem isn’t mentioned in the Torah either. I just learned that in a shiur last week.

  4. This is why I don’t allow anonymous comments. If you don’t have the courage to post a name (a pseudonym would nicely) then I don’t want to hear from you.

    And the reason that Jerusalem isn’t in the Torah is because it wasn’t founded until David. David isn’t in the Torah either. Nor is Solomon or Elijah, Daniel, or the Maccabees.

    But Jerusalem is mentioned in the Old Testament over 600 times.

    Jerusalem is NOT mentioned in the Koran even once.

  5. One thing to remember is that those of us that matter, we leave our name. Who cares about anonymous? If you have to hide behind your words with anonymous, you must be a COWARD. And cowards words do NOT matter. This American supports you & does not need to hide behind anonymous.

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