And one for the Good Guys – Jerusalem is Ours

There are many “battles” for a nation, at least for the nation of Israel. Our wars are fought with armies, but also on the field of international opinion. But this last battle is a difficult one because our enemies include not only those who are against the State, but also those who hate Jews in general, and those who are ignorant, and those who seek exciting news without regard to the realities at hand.

We often lose more battles than we win. International media outlets such as BBC are notorious for their clear and well published bias against Israel and all things Israel-related. Reuters runs a close second with their coverage – a clear example of which was seen during last summer’s war in which clearly doctored photographs were allowed to be presented as “evidence” of Israel’s actions in Lebanon.

Now, the good guys have won one battle – on CNN. Up until now, the capital of Israel was too sensitive an issue for CNN and so Israel, and only Israel of all the countries in the world, was not identified next to its capital when readers wanted to learn about the weather. All other capitals were identified as: Cairo, Egypt; London, England; Paris, France. Only our captial was referred to as” Jerusalem” and not “Jerusalem, Israel.”

This one wrong has been corrected and the capital of Israel is finally identified correctly as Jerusalem, Israel.

A small victory that we can only hope is the beginning of a greater attempt to report the news honestly and with all relevant information presented.

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